About Us

About Us

ThinQ Decisions is a consultancy firm that specialize in strategic decision-making where we support the process from idea generation to execution. The definition of strategic sometimes cross over to operational problem solving where we also give our support. ThinQ Decisions is certified from the Society of Decision Professionals. We have the capabilities to steer and conduct the critical elements of decision-making: framing a problem or opportunity, perform due diligence of data and information including expert interviewing and de-biasing assessments, design and perform analytics that best answer the opportunity questions or concerns, and further facilitate the selection of choice(s).

ThinQ Decisions’ focus is to give companies and organizations the means to perform quality decision-making when faced with risks and uncertainties. With broad experience in applying Decision Science to solve complex problems in the energy industry we utilize its strengths to add value to other industries and businesses. We also measure the Quality of a Decision before it is made so the decision-maker understand the impact of the selected choices she/he is responsible for. Developing a strong understanding of a problem or opportunity is critical before entering a quantitative analysis, hence our focus is just as much on structuring opportunities as it is on the analytical side. The framework we use is flexible yet structured and comprehensive enough to support a variety of complex problems for different businesses. It is also sufficiently dynamic to work with agile or waterfall project management approaches.

As a business model, ThinQ Decisions is a network consultancy firm that scale the resources based on assignment needs and characteristics. We utilizes partners or individuals from our global network of highly Qualified Decision Professionals to bring you the best support.

What is Decision Science?

Decision Science provides a structured framework to solve complex problems and opportunities. It combines soft and technical competencies to support a project or an investment from idea to execution. As its core, understanding the problem and applying the necessary analytics, such as discrete or probabilistic/stochastic approaches, to gain insight and foster dialog among stakeholders is how Decision Science bring value. Decision Science is an interdisciplinary field that in addition to Decision Analysis Theory and Risk Management incorporate elements from:

  • Management Science
  • Finance & Economics
  • Operational Research
  • Industrial & System Engineering
  • Psychology
Trygve Botn – Founder & Doer

Trygve has over 15-years Energy Industry experience from Chevron where he held several key roles as a Decision Professional Leader and Advisor for various Chevron business units in Norway, USA (Chevron Technology Ventures and Chevron North America Exploration & Production Company), and Kazakhstan (Tengizchevroil Joint Venture Company for the Tengiz field). Trygve graduated from BI Norwegian Business School with a Master of Science in Business Administration, Major in International Business, in 2004 and has until 2019 been part of Chevron’s award-winning Decision Analysis culture. His broad experience in Decision Science comes from being involved in over 300 projects and many more decisions ranging from Business Development – Commercial and M&A investments-, Greenfield and Brownfield Developments, Drilling & Completion, Exploration and Production, and Emerging Energies such as Solar-, Wave-, Wind- and Enhanced Geothermal-Technologies. Trygve is a certified Lead Practitioner of Decision Analysis from the Society of Decision Professional.

Chevron has been the industry-leader within the field of Decision-Making for high risk and capital intensive investments and has won and been nominated for several Decision Analysis awards from societies like The Institute of Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), Decision Analysis Affinity Group (DAAG), and Society of Decision Professionals (SDP).

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